Introducing the B.E.N. wellbeing Programme for schools & colleges

Illness and disease are not inevitable. In a society that is geared more and more towards treatment rather than prevention, and in a world where we are constantly telling our teenagers that they need to sleep better, eat less junk food, exercise more, and to get their heads out of their phones, B.E.N. takes a preventative approach and gives teenagers the knowledge and power to manage their own wellbeing.


"It is elegant, accessible, and its genius is its simplicity. He is building an app and we'll be using it for our kids." Barnaby Sandow, Head of ACS International School Cobham

"I think we all know we need to look after ourselves and some of us might not know how to. The talk gave us stepping stones on how to start." 16 year old student

"I believe that his (BEN's) app has the potential to have a significant positive impact on the ACS and wider schools' communities." Babis Mamas, AD ACS Athens

How it works

The B.E.N. programme gives teenagers the information they need on sleep, exercise, nutrition and wellbeing, and explains how they are all inextricably linked and play a vital role in their physical and mental development. The B.E.N. App is uncomplicated, easy to use, and allows users to quickly score their daily sleep, exercise, nutrition and wellbeing habits and identifies areas for improvement where necessary. It is not designed to draw teenagers into their phones, but is simply an enabler and daily nudge towards positive actions and interactions with others.

The importance of sleep

For enhancing memory, mood and health. For the filing and analysing of information. For repair and growth.

The importance of exercise

Providing numerous physiological and emotional benefits, as well as better sleep quality.

The importance of nutrition

Why eating real whole food is the only system that makes metabolically balanced nutrition simple and sustainable.

The importance of wellbeing

How our daily actions and interactions with others impact on our wellbeing. Developing good habits.

The B.E.N. App

The B.E.N. App is not designed to replace existing wellbeing programmes, but to enhance them. The App is anonymised, giving teenagers the power to manage themselves, but also giving a good starting point for conversations within the school community and at home.

Ben Stork

In my 30 years as a fitness coach, working mainly with young athletes, injury prevention has always been the priority. I wanted to take the same approach with wellbeing: to explain to young people why their sleep, exercise and nutrition habits are so vital in their development, and how their metabolic health and mental wellbeing are so interlinked. The BEN talks give them the 'why', the BEN app gives them the 'how' in terms of managing themselves and giving themselves the best opportunity to thrive.

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